Tracked data

Below are described all the data that are tracked by the MBAudience SDK and that you will be able to use from the MBurger dashboard. Most of the data are tracked automatically, for a couples a little setup by the app is neccessary.

  • app_version: The current version of the app (version code).

  • locale: The locale of the phone, the value returned by Locale.getDefault().language.

  • sessions: An incremental number indicating the number of time the user opens the app, this number is incremented at each startup.

  • sessions_time: The total time the user has been on the app, tracked by a custom implementation of the LifecycleObserver. This time is paused when the app goes in background (using onMoveToBackground) .and it's resumed when the app return active (using onMoveToForeground).

  • last_session: The start date of the last session.

  • push_enabled: If push notifications are enabled or not; must be set manually with: MBAudience.setPushEnabled(context: Context, push_enabled: Boolean), the default value is true

  • location_enabled: If user has given permissions to use location data or not; this is true if ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION or ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION is enabled while app in foreground.

  • mobile_user_id: The user id of the user curently logged in MBurger.

  • custom_id: A custom id that can be used to filter further.

  • tags: An array of tags.

  • latitude, longitude: The latitude and longitude of the last place visited by this device.

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