MBAutomation is a plugin libary for MBurger, that lets you send automatic push notifications and in-app messages crated from the MBurger platform. It has as dependencies MBMessages and MBAudience. With this library you can also track user events and views.

Using MBAutomation you can setup triggers for in-app messages and push notifications, in the MBurger dashboard and the SDK will show the coontent automatically when triggers are satisfied.

It depends on MBAudience because messages can be triggered by location changes or tag changes, coming from this SDK.

It depends on MBMessages because it contains all the views for the in-app messages and the checks if a message has been already displayed or not.

The data flow from all the SDKs is manage entirely by MBurger, yuo don't have to worry about it.

MBAutomation depends on the following packages:

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